The broker (sometimes called “broker”) acts as an intermediary between the buyer and the seller. His job is to facilitate exchanges between the parties. In the case of cannabis, the broker could, for example, connect a producer with a wholesaler or a reseller. To do this, the broker must have a fine control of its market in order to connect buyers with sellers offering offers meeting the maximum criteria.

Of course, the activity of broker specialized in cannabis (and / or hemp) differs from that of financial broker. For example, the broker specialized in cannabis / hemp must show a great knowledge of this plant and its derivatives. In addition, legislation on cannabis in Europe is not the same from one country to another, the cannabis broker must therefore ensure a constant watch of changes in laws to advise its customers at best.

Fonctionnement du broker de cannabis

The broker offers, through its platform, hundreds of different products. This has multiple benefits, including the amount of choice available, including in your country, but also a precise knowledge of market prices based on the quality of each product. Moreover, at HempBroker420, all the samples pass through our offices, so the broker knows exactly what he’s talking about when he exchanges with you about one of his products.

To advise you at best, the broker will take into account these factors:

  • Category of product sought (flowers, isolates, biomasses, seeds, etc.)
  • Quality of the desired product (production method, cannabinoid levels, etc.)
  • Country of delivery of the goods (taking into account the legislation)
  • Price and quantity sought

Recognizing the needs of European cannabis buyers, HempBroker420 offers the following benefits:

  • Professional and verified sellers only
  • Detailed product sheets
  • Easy sample commands
  • Large selection of references (more than 450 products)
  • Active sellers throughout Europe
  • Access to statistics for each product
  • Overview of all past transactions for each product
  • Dashboard (transactions, orders, etc.)

The cannabis broker has a large network of European buyers, it allows sellers to maximize the visibility of their offers. In addition, the broker dedicated to each seller greatly facilitates the flow of transactions. Indeed, the broker takes care of the whole “pre-sales” part: he makes sure of the seriousness of the buyers, he informs the buyers about the products, he sends the samples in express, etc.


HempBroker420 provides a complete dashboard allowing sellers to manage their offers (products) and their transactions.

The product editing tool offers a multitude of fields. This allows sellers to better inform buyers about product details and maximize sales opportunities.

Each product includes for example:

  • Category (Cannabis flowers, biomasses, isolates, seeds, etc.)
  • Country of production
  • Storage places
  • Production method
  • Download analyzes and certificates
  • Status of the seller (wholesaler, producer, etc.)
  • Total quantity available
  • Price according to quantity
  • And much more…

Sample shipment

Prospective buyers can request samples of products that interest them. HempBroker420 is therefore responsible for advising buyers and sending samples in express. Vendors will be informed with each sample sent.