Quality Announcement = Sales

A quality publication multiplies your chances of selling. It is therefore essential to make every effort to publish advertisements of the best quality. Of course the selling price is very important, the lower it is, the more your sales chances increase, but other criteria are also to be taken into account.

Publishing Tool

HempBroker420 provides vendors with a complete publication management tool. This tool allows you to enter a large number of details for each product. In order to maximize your chances of selling, it is very important to fill in as many fields as possible.

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Fields available

When adding an ad you will have access to many fields. Some fields are common to all categories and others are specific to each category. You will find more information below.


Fields available for all categories:

  • Product Name
  • Production date
  • Country of production / Country of origin
  • Product Description
  • Product Photos
  • Analyzes and other documents (CBD, THC, CBG, CBN, CBC min / max rates)
  • Certifications and certificates (Bio, GMP, GAP Certified, HACCP, Others)

Fields available for the category “Cannabis Flowers“:

  • Production method (Indoor, Greenhouse, Underhouse with lamps, outdoor)
  • Genetics (Indica, Majority Indica, Hybrid, Mostly Sativa, Sativa)
  • Crop Substrate (Soil, Coconut Fiber, Hydroponics, Aeroponics, Aquaponics, Clay, Rockwool, Other)
  • Density of flowers
  • Size of the flowers
  • Moisture of the flowers

Fields available for the category “Biomass & Industrial Hemp“:

  • Biomass Type (CBD or CBG): The value entered in this field will determine the values used for calculating the price per% / KG
  • Production method (Indoor, Greenhouse, Greenhouse with lamps, outdoor)
  • Genetic
  • Appearance (Chopped, Pellets, Whole Plants, Others)
  • Composition (Stems, Leaves, Flowers / Buds, Seeds, Others)
  • Humidity

Fields available for the category “Cannabis Seeds“:

  • Type of seed (THC, CBD / CBG, EU Certified)
  • Seed type (Classic, Automatic, Fast flowering)
  • Kind of seed (Regular, Feminized)
  • Flowering time (in days)
  • Growth + flowering (in days)
  • Harvest period (outdoor)
  • Production (grams per plant)
  • Production (grams per m2)
  • Production (Tonnes per hectare)

Seller’s details

  • Seller’s status (Producer, Wholesaler, Other)
  • Shipping time (Immediately, 48 / 72h, 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, On request)
  • Available from (fill in the date)
  • Current storage country (choose a country from the list)
  • Available quantity
  • Table of selling prices by quantity

Recording functions

Once you have completed the form you have two choices for registration:

  • Save for later: Your ad will not be published, you will be able to fill in the form later.
  • Publish : Your ad will be validated by an administrator then put on line on the site. From that moment, all users will be able to see it.