Clause 1
The data relating to the buy / sell order transmitted to Hempbroker420 (JKB Research SA) is complete, and true, is not misleading or unfair.

Clause 2
Hempbroker420 (JKB Research SA) is a third party to correspondences and relations between the members, and excludes from this fact any responsibility concerning the transaction of the goods.

Clause 3
Hempbroker420 (JKB Research SA) issues a bill of service for contacting a seller and a buyer, his responsibility towards the goods and the transaction is therefore rejected.

Clause 4
Hempbroker420 (JKB Research SA) reserves the right to remove access to the site and to prevent the possibility of placing buy / sell orders to a member that does not comply with the conditions and / or to prejudice a third.

Clause 5
When an operation is carried out, that is to say that the seller and the buyer meet on an identical price and an established quantity and that the conditions of payment and transport agree, we will then proceed to put the seller in contact and the buyer.

Clause 6
Therefore, neither party can change the quantity, price and conditions of payment / delivery.

Clause 7
Any reproduction, representation, publication, transmission, use, modification or extraction of all or part of the information published on in any manner whatsoever, without the prior written permission of Hempbroker420 (JKB Research SA) is illicit.

Clause 8
HempBroker420 reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions and any time and for any reason.