No, the cannabis broker is not a wholesaler. However, by grouping wholesalers and producers, the broker offers many advantages.

As the broker brings together a large number of cannabis sellers (producers, wholesalers, resellers), it is able to offer a wide choice of products in Europe and worldwide.

The categories of products available are:

Indeed, the broker does not have stocks belonging to him. However, it offers the opportunity for buyers to have a large choice of product available in their own country or abroad. The broker selects only the most serious sellers and offers the best products at the best prices. All vendors on HempBroker420 are registered professionals with a VAT number and have never had a dispute with a buyer.

Wholesalers and cannabis producers particularly like working with a broker because it allows them to maximize the visibility of their products. In addition, the broker limits the number of intermediaries and is therefore able to offer the most attractive prices in the cannabis market.

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