Platform for the purchase / sale of raw materials and products derived from hemp and cannabis

Fonctionnement du broker de cannabis

1. Registration

Registration to view prices and place purchase / sales orders and become a member.

This registration is valid only for professionals, that is to say companies registered with the trade register and having a VAT number.


2. Acces to the market

We offer price quotes with buyers and professional sellers in various markets, such as seeds, CBD, flowers, biomass, oils, extractions, etc.

The sellers and buyers send us their price that we publish online and in this way it is possible to offer you a quotation: price purchase-sale.

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3. Trading

When an operation is carried out, that is to say that the seller and the buyer meet on an identical price and an established quantity and that the conditions of payment and transport agree, we will then proceed to put the seller in contact and the buyer.

A low commission on the transaction is payable to HempBroker420 in exchange for its buyer / seller relationship services.

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