Our platform for connecting buyers / sellers of hemp in Europe is remunerated only through transaction fees.

Operation of commissions

The present commissions apply to buyers AND sellers. Commissions are calculated on the prices excluding taxes and are themselves exclusive of tax.

Buyers ans sellers : The publication of your articles and their prices or a request for a particular product is free.

As soon as a buyer and a seller are put in contact (or third parties involved),Hempbroker420 is considered as an intermediary from that moment during a year.

Therefore, the transactions will have to be communicated to Hempbroker420 by the buyer and the seller even if they operate directly between them.

Amount of commissions

Seeds markets: 0,04€ per unit

Other Markets: 5% of the transaction amount

Minimum commission: 50€

Special conditions:

When a second, third (or more) operation is between the same two members, over a period of one year from the first operation, the following commissions will be charged:

Seeds Markets: snly 0.01 € / unit on the completed transaction.
Other markets: only 2% on the price of the transaction made.