Swiss CBD Oil 15% for ANIMALS Full Spectrum w/ Salmon Oil (Alaska) - THC <0.2%

Reference 903211
Category Oils
Origine Switzerland
Production date 01/2021
Production method Cold Ethanol
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Analysis and downloadable files
CBD 14.90 - 15%
THC 0.06 - 0.1%
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Seller details
Seller country Switzerland
Seller status Producer
Current storage country Switzerland
Time before shipment Immediately
Available from 11/03/2021
Available quantity 25 L
Swiss CBD Oil 15% for ANIMALS Full Spectrum : contains CBD Distillate FS mixed with Salmon Oil (Alaska). We produce in Switzerland, transforme and work with small Swiss companies in which we trust. We work in family with passion and our most important concern is to sell quality products to our partners to build a long term business relationship. If you want do white label porcelaine bottles (10ml), just add 200 euros at the initial price per liter.
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