Swiss Premium Fullspectrum 25% CBD Oil - THC <0.2% - Lemon Aroma

Reference 826675
Category Oils
Origine Switzerland
Production method CO2-Extraction
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Analysis and downloadable files
CBD ~25%
THC ~0.15%
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Seller details
Seller country Switzerland
Seller status Producer
Current storage country Switzerland
Time before shipment 2 weeks
Available quantity 50 L
If you want the oil in 10 ml bottles instead of bulk , just add 170 €/L at the prices. The CBD oil is manufactured under hygienic food-grade standards in our own laboratory in Switzerland. Ingredients are 100% organic grown on Swiss soil. Gas chromatography analysis is used to measure Cannabinoid levels for each oil. The use of pesticides or mineral fertilizers is absolutely forbidden by internal quality standards. Over a period of several years the formula and extracting method have been and still are being perfected so the oil has a smooth but characteristic taste. Natural essential aromas of fruits bring a unique scent to our flavoured oils. Request a free sample today. Would you like to work with us on a continuous supplier-client relationship? You are most welcome to contact our team to help you with the onboarding process. We are looking forward to hearing from you. Export to all EU nations and worldwide. A dedicated support team helps you answer any questions. Request your sample today.
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