GILSON CPC : remove THC from your extracts - Isolate cannabinoids

Reference 717378
Category Other
Origine Switzerland
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Seller country Switzerland
Seller status Others
Current storage country Switzerland
Time before shipment Immediately
Due to a strategical move, we are selling our turn-key high-end Preparative Chromatography equipment with all accessories including method created by GILSON engineers for THC remediation. Full installation on your premises by a certified GILSON engineer and review/update of the installed method to fit with your own extracts (20 000CH value). The unit has been used for less than 100 hours. GILSON engineers can certify that the machine is in racing conditions. Price NEW : 240 000€ Our price : 200 000€ Specifications : Brand : GILSON Type: CPC - Centrifugal Partition Chromatography (full pack) Rotor: CPC 1000PRO Year of purchase: 2019 Serial # : N/A Other accessories : GILSON PLC 2500 UV-1 - Serial number : N/A - SIZE: 62 x 59 x 66 cm (24.4 x 23.2 x 26 in.) WEIGHT: 65KG INJECTION PUMP EXT (50 ML/MIN, 300 BAR) - Serial number: N/A QUAT GRAD, 3/16“ (PLC 2500) AUTO BKFLSH VLV W/TBNG KIT (PLC 2250/2500)
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