Jubileu Secuieni for Sawing

Reference 561463
Category Seeds
Origine Romania
Production date 08/2019
Certifications Bio, HACCP
Seed type Certifiée UE
Seed gender Feminized
Seed flowering Classic
Flowering time (days) 65
Growing + flowering time (days) 60
Harvest period Early August
Production: Tons per hectar (Ha) 1500
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Analysis and downloadable files
CBD >0.05%
THC 0.018 - 0011%
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Seller details
Seller country Romania
Seller status Producer
Current storage country Romania
Time before shipment 1 week
Available from 29/02/2020
Available quantity 7500 kg
Secuieni Jubileu is an amazing grain producer, producing enormous amounts of cannabis seeds per hectare. On the other hand, it doesn’t produce large amounts of legal, medicinal cannabinoids such as CBD, so it’s not usually used for medicinal purposes. However, it grows super-fast, making it a great choice for growers looking to get as many cannabis seeds as fast as possible. This strain is best grown in continental climates, which is where it was developed and where it best adapts to the weather, giving it the best possible chance of success. If you’re growing in Spain, we recommend staying on the mainland and away from the coast in order to get the best results out of this industrial hemp plant. Thanks to the small amount of cannabinoids that it produces, you can use more nutrients when feeding them too, which increases seed yield by quite a bit. The main reasons that Secuieni Jubileu is grown a lot in central Europe are its fast growth, its capacity to deal with temperature and humidity changes and the amount of seeds that it produces which can then be turned into nutritious hemp seed oil. These plants can also be used to get hemp; they produce around 30% fiber. Secuieni Jubileu Characteristics: Type: Monoecious Adapted to continental climates Recommended growth cycle: 110 days Harvest: end of June/beginning of August Height: +/- 1.5-2m Seeds per HA: 1000-1800 kg/HA non-irigate up to 2800 irigated Seed oil content: 30-32% Seed size: average-large Fiber content: 26-30% Biomass yield: 6-8 T/HA CBD: 0.5% CBG: N/D THC: +/- 0.02%
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