CBD OIL 15% at MCT Oil <0,2%

Reference 417758
Category Oils
Origine Greece
Production date 05/2020
Production method CO2
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Analysis and downloadable files
CBD 15 - 16.79%
THC 0.15 - 0.19%
CBG >0.04%
CBN >0.02%
CBC >0.08%
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Seller details
Seller country Greece
Seller status Producer
Current storage country Germany
Time before shipment Immediately
Available from 03/02/2021
Available quantity 200 L
Full Specturm 15% CBD oil at MCT Oil Carrier. Available also as a white label service (10 ml bottles, no labels) for an extra cost of 120€/L. We cultivate in certified organic fields in Greece and manufacture our end products in Germany, according to the highest quality standards. Our Co2 extraction process and rigorous supervision from farming to processing , lab testing every batch from the field to the final product, guarantees a superior product free from contaminants. Contact us now for a free sample!!! General Information: Certificates held by the extraction facility: We’re focusing on manufacturing products of excelling quality. Our associate extraction as a food producer meets all European and German law requirements concerning food hygiene and is certified according to Quality Management System DIN EN ISO 9001 and Environmental Management System DIN EN ISO 14001. Since 2004 they have established an HACCP-Concept, which has proven itself, as well as been integrated in certification of Management System for Food Safety DIN EN ISO 22000 since 2019. As a feed material producer, they are certified according to QS Feed Standard, incl. GMP+ recognition. About our company: We are a Greek company offering ‘seed to sale’ solutions for the entire hemp production chain. We are operating in the areas of organic only hemp cultivation, CBD processing and worldwide wholesale of hemp and CBD related products. As a company who focuses on fair trade, quality and environmental sustainability we exclusive grow organically. We conduct lab analysis in every batch and every stage of our manufacturing process and we only trade products that meet the highest quality standards. Our vision is to constantly evolve our products and services while striving for a positive impact in the market, the environment and the health industry. This is why we are always eager to participate and fund research in the segments of health, product innovation and environmental sustainability.
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