Broad Spectrum Extract - 50% CBD + minor cannabinoids (CBC, CBG, CBN)

Reference 390149
Category Extractions
Origine Italy
Production date 03/2020
Production method CO2 extraction
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Analysis and downloadable files
CBD 40 - 60%
CBG >2%
CBN >2%
CBC >1%
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Seller details
Seller country Italy
Seller status Producer
Current storage country Italy
Time before shipment 1 week
Available quantity 50 kg
Our Broad Spectrum Crystal resistant Extract containing 50% CBD, | CBC | CBG, | CBN is made by CO2 extraction. Undetectable THC | 5:1 CBD to Minor Cannabinoids | Natural true whole plant extract | Natural terpenes profile. This product is suitable for e-liquid formulations, CBD oils and other CBD based products and add to the overall end product quality with no cutting agents. Does not contain THC and is excellent for those looking to simplify their materials to make high quality products. Free from heavy metal, pesticides and mold. NB: the extract is of golden color.
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