10% Full Spectrum in Hemp Oil

Reference 340066
Category Oils
Origine United Kingdom
Production date 09/2019
Production method Soft Botanic Extraction, Closed Loop, Cold Pressed, traditional and non-selective method
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Analysis and downloadable files
CBD 9.85 - 10.15%
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Seller details
Seller country United Kingdom
Seller status Producer
Current storage country United Kingdom
Time before shipment 48/72h
Available from 13/04/2020
Available quantity 500 L
We are a cold pressing, closed loop extraction company and have taken EU registered crops, grown organically in the UK and Ireland, and put it through a traditional non-selective extraction using our closed loop pressing systems, compliant with cold press and therefore FSA class as not novel, directly into Extra Virgin Olive Oil. We take the resulting cannabinoid, flavanoid and terpene rich PCR Entourage Oil and use it to create CBD oils ready for retail or manufacturing. Our oils consist of: Cold press, traditional non-selective extraction from EU Hemp into Organic Olive Oil Organic Distillate with (if higher potency is desired) The taste of our oil is nutty and soft. All our oils comply to EU levels of THC, both 0.2% potency and less than 1mg in retail ready containers.
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