+99% Hemp CBD Isolate Canadian GMP

Reference 207228
Category Isolate CBD/CBG
Origine China
Production date 03/2020
Production method Closed loop chromatography extraction
Certifications GMP
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Analysis and downloadable files
CBD >99%
THC <0.001%
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Seller details
Seller country Netherlands
Seller status Producer
Current storage country Netherlands
Time before shipment Immediately
Available from 26/03/2020
Due to Chroma's proprietary chromatography extraction process technology, we can achieve a high purity CBD isolate (99%+) and at the same time, the THC pesticides, heavy metals and other impurities are removed. Our GMP standard extraction production facility and SOP's are implemented to control the entire production process, providing a strong guarantee for product quality and consistency. +1,000 kg/month availability. Zero THC No Heavy Metals No Pesticides Non-GMO GMP Certified 100% Odor Free No Residual Solvents
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