20% Full Spectrum CBD oil

Reference 206177
Category Oils
Origine Switzerland
Production date 04/2020
Production method Ethanol extraction through 4 filters followed by decarboxylation and wiped film distillation
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Analysis and downloadable files
CBD 19 - 22%
THC 0.16 - 0.19%
CBG 0.09 - 0.11%
CBC 0.22 - 0.24%
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Seller details
Seller country Switzerland
Seller status Producer
Current storage country Switzerland
Time before shipment Immediately
Available from 16/04/2020
Available quantity 50 L
High quality CBD Oil manufactured in our Swiss laboratory using Swiss cbd cannabis and following food grade standards for the highest level of hygiene and production quality. State of art extraction and distillation equipment used for the distillate and the final solution mixed with MCT oil (virgin olive oil upon request). Guided laboratory visits are welcome for clients and prospective clients to see the lab in action! Oil is clear with a slight tint and has a smooth yet characteristic taste. Request a free sample today to see and taste the difference. Gas chromatography analysis is used to measure cannabinoid levels for each oil. Can be bought in Litre form or in 10 or 30ml bottles for your own private label. If you want the oil in 10 or 30 ml bottles instead of litre bottles simply add 150/100 Euros per litre. We welcome to hear from you wherever in the world you are and welcome to engage in a long term client supplier relationship!
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