Dedicated trader

Buyers and sellers : An expert trader in the field of cannabis accompanies you at all times and ensures the smooth running of the transaction.


Buyers and sellers : Express samples are sent by HempBroker420. Thus facilitating your work.

Past trades

Buyers and sellers : Access to the history of all past and current transactions for each product.

Detailed sheet

Buyers : Each product includes a detailed sheet (downloadable analyzes, price, origin, quantity available, etc.)


Buyers : Negotiation facilitated thanks to the negotiation form present on each product.


Buyers and sellers : Access to the user dashboard to manage your transactions, products, samples, etc.


  • Free publication
  • +450 products available
  • Detailed sheet for each product (origin, price, etc.)
  • Free samples sent in express
  • Overview of all sales for each product


  • Free publication
  • +1000 buyers
  • Dedicated Broker / Trader for each vendor
  • Tool for managing your products and transactions
  • Samples sent by your dedicated trader

Flowers CBD

Access to the CBD cannabis flower market.

CBD & CBG Isolates

Access to the Isolate CBD / CBG market.

Industrial hemp & biomass

Access to the market of industrial hemp and biomass.


Access to the extractions market.


Access to the market of cannabis / hemp oils.


Access to the market of hemp / cannabis terpenes.

Feminized seeds

Access to the market of feminized hemp / cannabis seeds.

Autoflowering seeds

Access to the market of autoflowering hemp / cannabis seeds.

CBD / CBG seeds

Access to the CBD / CBG seeds market of hemp / cannabis.

E.U. certified seeds

Access to the market of E.U. certified hemp / cannabis seeds.

Regular seeds

Access to the market of regular hemp / cannabis seeds.

Other markets

Access to the market of other products related to hemp and cannabis.

Sellers: How to publish a quality ad?

Quality Announcement = Sales A quality publication multiplies your chances of selling. It is therefore essential to make every effort to publish advertisements of the best quality. Of course the selling price is very important, the lower it is, the more your sales chances increase, but other criteria are also to be taken into account. Publishing Tool HempBroker420 provides vendors with a complete publication management tool. This tool allows you to enter a large number of details for each product. In order to maximize your chances of selling, it is very…

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Is the cannabis broker a wholesaler?

No, the cannabis broker is not a wholesaler. However, by grouping wholesalers and producers, the broker offers many advantages. As the broker brings together a large number of cannabis sellers (producers, wholesalers, resellers), it is able to offer a wide choice of products in Europe and worldwide. The categories of products available are: Cannabis flowers Cannabis Biomass (CBG / CBG) Isolates CBD / CBG Cannabis oils Cannabis seeds (THC & CBD) Cannabis Extractions (Wax, Shatters, Hashishs, etc. – THC & CBD) Cannabis Terpenes The broker has no…

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Why work with a cannabis broker?

The broker (sometimes called “broker”) acts as an intermediary between the buyer and the seller. His job is to facilitate exchanges between the parties. In the case of cannabis, the broker could, for example, connect a producer with a wholesaler or a reseller. To do this, the broker must have a fine control of its market in order to connect buyers with sellers offering offers meeting the maximum criteria. Of course, the activity of broker specialized in cannabis (and / or hemp) differs from that of financial broker. For example, the broker specialized in cannabis / hemp must show…

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